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Location:Institute of Longevity and Preventive Medicine
Ophthalmology Department
Krasnaya Presnya St., 21
Moscow 123022
Mailing address in the USA:Institute of Longevity and Preventive Medicine
Airmax International
Solway Ltd
161-15 Rockaway Blvd
Suite 208
New York 11434-5136
Mailing address in the UK: Institute of Longevity and Preventive Medicine
VMU 064
Suite 627
456-458 Strand


+7 (985) 960-09-95

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Please, contact your local [our Canadian & North American] representative for more information about our services: 1 77 06 33 03 05.

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Russia (Moscow)11AM - 5:30PM (17:30)GMT+03:00
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China ( Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong)5PM - 12PM GMT+08:00
Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore4PM - 11PMGMT+08:00
Korea (Seoul)4PM - 11PM GMT+09:00
Japan (Tokyo)5PM - 12PM GMT+09:00
Australia (Melbourne, Sydney) 6PM - 1AMGMT+10:00

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For investor information, please call:
+7 (985) 960-09-95




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